Timbera, Instructor 

stacey 15092612Stacey fell in love with Cuban dance in 2009.  Her first instructor urged her to continue to learn more about the culture, being that her grandfather was a Cuban American.  After a trip to Cuba in 2011, there was no turning back.  Stacey was asked to join a local performance team and had the opportunity to perform at various charity events, the 2012 Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco, and SalsAtlanta’s 2012 Annual Festival. 

In 2012, Emarlos started Clahvay…Cuban.Dance.Soul.  Stacey began to assist Clahvay with basic instruction and events.  Emarlos assisted her in developing as a dancer and instructor.  In 2013, Stacey became a part of Clahvay’s performance team.  As a result, she was able to perform at various events hosted by sponsors including Delta Airlines and Lockheed Martin. 

Stacey continued to take private lessons and group instruction to further enhance her dancing and develop her own style.  As a part of her studies, she watched countless hours of videos on YouTube and found a particular dancer that she found fascinating, Karelia Despaigne of Santiago de Cuba.   In 2014 & 2015, Stacey had opportunities to meet and take lessons with Karelia in San Francisco and then again in Atlanta.  Karelia inspired Stacey to dig deeper and incorporate body movement and other forms of Cuban dance.  Stacey took another trip to Cuba in 2015 to further her growth through instruction with other dance companies and continues her quest to become a more refined and well-rounded dancer. 

She feels that the freedom of expression that comes with this dance form is exhilarating.   She doesn’t believe in a right or wrong but more in a personal interpretation of the music.  However, more than anything, she loves the camaraderie that exists within her casino family.  “It’s all about having fun with great people.”