Timbero, Senior Instructor, and Director

Emarlos 15020701Cuban dance, such as Casino and Rueda de Casino, has the greatest influence on Emarlos's style of teaching and dancing.

Music and movement have always been part of life for Emarlos. He was born and raised in Georgia surrounded by soul and jazz music. In 2002, after receiving an invitation from a friend to attend a dance performance, Emarlos shifted his proclivity for the bass in soul music to the clave in Timba. Emarlos was so inspired by the performance that he attended his first casino class at SALSAtlanta the following year.  

As Emarlos progressed from a student, to a performer, and then an instructor, the influence Cuban dance had on his style of teaching and dancing developed further. During this time he performed for charities and other organizations throughout Metro Atlanta. Emarlos also had the opportunity to dance on Fox News, perform with musical artist Jose Conde, and participate in various other equally grand events.

Emarlos enjoys sharing his experiences and his passion for Cuban dance. This passion motivated him to start Clahvay...Cuban..Dance..Soul in 2012. The company began hosting events and progressed to teaching weekly group lessons. 

During his 2014 trip to San Francisco for the Salsa Rueda Festival, Emarlos was introduced to Casino & Rueda de Casino World Cup Champion Yanek Revilla and his partner Karelia Despaigne. Meeting these talented dancers inspired Emarlos to share their talent with his students in Atlanta.  Later that year, his diligence paid off when he hosted Yanek and Karelia in Atlanta for a performance and workshops.  Atlanta welcomed the dynamic duo with open arms. The event was such a success that Emarlos brought the instructors back in 2015 to an equally warm welcome. 

In an effort to fully embrace Cuban culture and further hone his craft, Emarlos travelled to Cuba each year from 2014 through 2016 to train with various instructors and dance companies in both Santiago de Cuba and Havana. Some of the instructors Emarlos took private and/or group lessons with include Yanek Revilla, Karelia Despaigne, Ernesto Ferreiro Escalona, Ania Rojas Blanco, Isaias Rojas Ramirez of Ban Ra Ra, and Osvady Despaigne Gainza. Emarlos worked diligently to increase his skills as a dancer and also to learn about various Cuban dance styles. With each trip, he was able to incorporate what he learned into his social dancing, classroom instruction, and the Clahvay dance team performances. 

Emarlos has truly benefited from his extensive training, which is evident when you see him on the dance floor. He has grown tremendously as a dancer, instructor and performer. However, he still remains humble, and sees himself to be a forever student, on a journey to learn and continuously evolve his knowledge and expertise of this great art form.