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Clahvay was founded in Smyrna, Georgia during the Fall of 2012 with a vision to share our love and passion for Cuban dance and music.  The leaders are not Latin, but are profoundly inspired by the Cuban culture.  Cuban dance, specifically Casino, has the biggest influence on the dance form taught at Clahvay, and Timba is the music of choice.

Clahvay provides both weekly group lessons and a social for students to practice what they have learned. At our weekly social events, we clahvay 14081701 2entertain a variety of dance styles and music including salsa, bachata, merengue, and kizomba.  However, the majority of the night is dedicated to Cuban music.
 Timba is seldom played in Atlanta.  In contrast at Clahvay, we focus on the complexity and big band feel of Timba.

Clahvay creates a safe and fun place for you to engage in physical activity and socialize with people from various cultures and walks of life. Our main aspiration is to spread our love for dance and music throughout the community.

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Helpful terms within the Salsa Casino community.

  is a rhythmic pattern heavily present in Afro-Cuban music. Clave, which means “key” in Spanish, is the heart of Latin music. The plural form of the word, claves, is a percussion instrument traditionally made of two cylindrical wooden sticks.

CASINO is a form of salsa dance that originated in Cuba. This form of dance can be performed with a group of couples in a “rueda,” with one partner, or solo, also known as “suelto.” Casino is a major part the Cuban culture and can be seen at any number of Cuban social events. Casino dancers often combine movements and gestures from Afro-Cuban folkloric dance and improvise according to the changes and breaks in the music.

RUEDA DE CASINO was developed in Havana, Cuba in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It is a fun and energetic form of salsa that requires pairs of dancers to form a circle or “rueda” and a caller will signal the moves and partner changes


TIMBA is a popular form of Cuban music which has many different musical influences such as Afro-Cuban folklore, jazz, and funk. This form of music can be very complex. The layers of beats and rhythms in each song allows dancers to explore infinite possibilities of body movements and dance patterns.

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